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Bumatech 2019

The objectives of our company that we established with the purpose of transferring our vast experience of 16 years in special production filter sector are improvement and acceleration of production performance and existing filter types in the sector; and presenting filtration equipment and systems by also taking environmental cleaning into consideration.

With the help of our young and experienced team, we provide a modern structure to special and standard production of filters, through innovations that we built on conventional production techniques, as an example of our creativeness. As the most wanted producer and supplier in filtration sector of Turkey, we have never failed the reliant firms and have never backed down from taking a stand as a problem solver and an advisor.

With each filter we produce, we once more prove ourselves. Knowing that the filtration sector has a broad portfolio and is ever-developing; our firm is a follower of technological developments and aims higher and higher.

We will continue to remain as the friendly and the wanted name in this sector; through prioritizing customer satisfaction and without ever forgetting that quality production, on-time delivery and guarantees given are important values.