Except for polyesters, all raw materials that are used in filtration process are imported directly from European firms (from countries such as Germany and Italy.) In accordance with your requests, polyester raw materials are available either as domestic or imported product. Perforated sheet metal and its derivatives, which we utilize to provide support; are supplied from leading firms in this sector in Turkey.

Filter production in our factory is 80% manual labor. Although we focus all our attention on making sure that you have 100% filtration efficiency, we sometimes may experience some problems. In such occasions, changes or revisions are made free of charge, unconditionally.

Despite the fact that our production is mainly depended on manual labor, we are also aware that we should be using modern technology. In this context, we meet your demand with machinery that is both domestic and custom made for our firm.
All our production personnel have come up through the ranks in this sector and are trying to achieve what cannot be achieved or is assumed to be impossible to achieve. With this philosophy, we are in service in this sector for 16 years.

Our company is built upon this one dream: To brake the taboos of ” this cannot be produced” or “if produced, this would be expensive”.

Although it is hard to manufacture goods without utilizing robotic systems in today’s world, as a principle of our company, we believe that filters that are handmade are more efficient.

Why are your prices lower than the regular market prices?

In accordance with the survey request form that you can fill up on our website, our expert team will make a visit to your firm in 3 work days maximum and collect the information that we need to make suitable filter production for your machinery.

We are active in this sector, because we are aware of the foreign dependent and submissive attitude of Turkey in this sector and made it our mission to fight against this attitude. Our primary objectives are to encourage and to improve domestic production.

We have the justified pride of producing filters that are not produced or not dared to be produced by any other firms, setting an example for companies during our time in this sector and being imitated by certain firms.